The 30s casual guy clothing

Finally the 30s casual guy, no longer teen.

One thing about clothing is clear:

100% of men want to be comfortable with what he wears.

Although many times we do it unconsciously,
to choose its ‘style’ look and translates what we think,
how we see ourselves and what we want to communicate.

Ps: I’m not saying that in the morning when you are dressing
and you’re in front of the mirror,
you say: ‘… so, do I like me?’ Absolutely I don’t want say this.
I mean that one of us, unconsciously,
as it sees fit: maybe you like sportswear (casual) clothing,
you like sneakers in any case because classic
shoes  is for olg men. To dress everyday shirts is difficult
because you want a comfortable clothing.

Or have 40 years but you feel like a 20s,
then you always buy the latest fashionable cap or all the
ripped jeans because you’re young Inside!

May be in the morning you don’t think about
these existential questions,

but unfortunately this is the situation:
100% of people identify with what he wears!.

We were almost 30’s guys, and we started to design
sweatshirt and tshirt because we couldn’t find a sweatshirt,
as well as more clothing, able to satisfy  a guy that
doesn’t wear the seasonal tendencies like a 20s.
Yes, because Fashion is beautiful, Fashion is young,
but we don’t want fashionable clothes but Clothing for 30s!

Marphis Clothes  was born to satisfy, and dress up,
a 30s guys (not teenagers)
who wants to dress simple, with paying
attention to detail and casual.

Of course there are many brands that we like and literally
we spend lot of money to wear,
like Ralph Lauren, Stone Island, Original Adidas,
Ben Sherman, and I could stand here and mention
many other beautiful brands.
However, today some brands are losing their
primary target and sometimes prices are very high,
ans so more 30s are no longer able to find a brand for them…
Now you will know exactly where to try our pieces,
or at least visit our store.
In the link below I shall quote the affected page
where you I indicate where and how to find our clothes:

We have only a little problem: the stock.
Being a nascent brand, we no have always products in stock,
for this reason when we the season
finish not always have other stock.
However, you can always contact us:
Mail, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram,
so we can inform you about everything.

Ah, I forgot … there is a VIP Marphis list:
if you sign up through the window that appears
when you enter the site you
come to join the VIP list.

What do you gain?

First of all I want tell you that we’re sending
one mail per week, we will updatewhen we will write
a new article, when we have a product preview,
when we will do a periodical offers and news.
And then we don’t have autoresponders
but we send by hand 😉

This is Marphis Clothes !

Only for a normal 30s guys !

Marphis Clothes

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